Friday, February 26, 2010

Final Community Meeting Re-Cap

The fifth and final community meeting for the Lower 8th Street, SE Vision Process was held on Tuesday, Feb. 23rd at the Peoples Church. Height, density, mix-of-uses, and Virginia Avenue Park were just some of the issues discussed at the five community meetings which began in October 2009. At the last meeting on Tuesday, several conceptual designs for the study area were presented by Amy Weinstein of Esocoff & Associates. Attendees were able to see how 45', 65' and 85' tall buildings would look and had the opportunity to give their feedback.
Community meeting minutes are available here.
View the presentation here.
View the presentation on Height Compability by Esocoff & Associates here.
Calculations for hotel, residential and office on Lower 8th Street can be seen here.

Please feel free to comment and share your opinion. These meetings served as a community participation process to gain consensus on a vision for the area and to identify issues that might impact achieving the vision while respecting the historical fabric of the neighborhood. A report will be submitted to the Office of Planning with the community response and recommendations for Lower 8th Street, SE.
Please post any comments here or email us at Your questions, concerns and suggestions will be reviewed by the Advisory Group.

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  1. The mixed use plan for the lower 8th street area is very well conceived. However, there needs to be more of an emphasis on supporting the entrance of locally owned retail businesses. We need to support these businesses, so that the development of the area is ultimately sustainable. In addition, there should be a focus on the needs of those people living in the neighborhood instead of people communiting or visiting the area.